What is the DMIT Test?

Today in different child care centers you can find the department of DMIT in India. They examine the skin of children to know the growth of different parts of the brain that reflects on the activity of any person. It’s used to know in which activities the child can perform better and where not.

The full form of DMIT is Dermatoglyphics Multi-Intelligence Test. The DMIT is a type of aptitude and intelligence test where the level of a person who is taking the test is determined. This test has many variables and functions as it gives a more diverse picture of aptitude and intelligence keeping in mind different kinds of intelligence that a person may possess. So this DMIT test has a more wide scope as compared to a normal IQ test as it deals with multiple kinds of intelligence and skills that a person or child may possess.

Is DMIT Test a painful one?

Not at all. It doesn’t involve any painful process; it’s just observation of the skin especially of palm, foot etc. There are several methods and advanced tools to check the fingerprint, color, and quality of skin to determine in growth status of the brain. Our skin, mainly fingerprints directly reflects every change of our brain.

What are the aspects that I can know about my child’s brain?

Though it’s a vast science and still under development, you still can know several important facts of your child’s brain. You can know about his talent, drawbacks, behavior, mood, reasoning power, IQ and many more. Today there are several good DMIT software also available in the market that can give a generalized concept regarding this. Though, it’s always better to visit a professional like Mindtech – DMIT Experts to know about your child in detail.

How can it help me in my child’s progress?

You can’t imagine the benefits of this Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test. Here is a short list for better understanding:

  • · Understanding the advanced or well grown areas of mind
  • · Getting a clear knowledge of the innate personality of the child
  • · Developing better method to help the child learn better
  • · Finding out the talent in a child
  • · Tracing out the weak areas of the child through DMIT Test and Reports
  • · Setting aim of study from the early childhood

How it can help society?

It’s very shocking that thousands of students commit suicide every year just because of overpressure of their education. The most vital reason of it is choosing a wrong subject. If we can identify the best career for the student from early childhood through Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence tests, we can save several lives and thus the future assets of the nation.

They have a wide range of courses which are designed after a lot of care and aims at improving the child overall. The children’s creative sides are sharpened and they are taught to think more logically and solve the problems easily. This keeps the children a step ahead from their peers. These courses also help the children to develop a better understanding of their potential and knack and shape their career according to that.

Mindtech’s DMIT franchisee provides reliable DMIT Reports without the use of outdated DMIT Software to help the students in the most extensive way possible. So, they are able to write their exams faster and end the exams quicker than everybody else.

The DMIT is a revolutionary technique that Mindtech uses to help the children and the parents identify their child’s inherent strengths and talent. Fingerprint analysis is a scientific technique that helps the unfold the individual’s potential. The system uses personality types, learning types, the potential of the brain, intelligence, and sensitivity index. The number of possible combinations gives an idea of the child’s future development.

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