Third Eye Activation Technique

For a vast period of time, the pineal gland is a particular aspect of our anatomy that has remained a bit of a mystery. Traditions and teachings from esoteric schools and mystical-filled minds have cited this unique center-area of the brain to be the powerful link which connects our physical bodies with that of spiritual worlds in the mind, near and far. The name of this area to many is the Third Eye and in order to truly awaken the spirit aspect of our brains, it must be properly awakened. This is called Third Eye activation and with a little know-how, you may just find yourself with a broader vision of who you are and ultimately, what you would like to be.

Activation of the Third Eye is vital if you desire to raise the frequency of the conscience higher and higher and what an experience the mind and inner-sight will behold if you enter such a beautiful world.

The Third Eye activation benefits are clear in regards to proper Third Eye techniques and activation, which are as follows:

  • Create a more intense and enlightened journey of astral projection
  • Enable your imagination to run wild
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Spectacularly lucid and vivid dreaming
  • Allow your mind to view your aura, spectate energy and see unique and interesting beings, all with your eyes closed
  • Open up new mental channels and be able to gain a more exhilarating feeling of energy
  • Third Eye Activation Technique

How to Open Third Eye? – Detoxing the Pineal Gland First

In order to properly engage in Third Eye activation, a person really needs to detox and purify their pineal glands and without any regular cleansing, calcium buildup will ultimately occur. By the time that a person has reached late adolescence, calcium buildup in the pineal gland has already occurred.

Even an MRI can reveal an actual lump of calcium in the gland itself and it is due to consuming various fluoride products, additives and different hormones that we receive in our food and toiletries. The best thing to do prior to activating your Third Eye would be to utilize a pineal gland detoxifier or their are even stimulates which are purchased that can be a profound help in cleansing the pineal gland.


Third Eye Technique – Nothing Short of Stunning

The immediate level of telepathy of opening the Third Eye can be nothing short of stunning and when you enter worlds of the 3-Dimensional and feel your mind let go of the physical world, it can leave you utterly speechless.

There are exactly 3 different crystals within the pineal gland that, when activated, they will greatly assist a person in gaining greater access into more real and absorbing visions. They are called the apatite, magnetite and calcite, each one playing vital roles in the Third Eye activation process.


Third Eye Activation Benifits – The Genuine Way to Enlightenment

The crystal known as appetite enables the presence of spirituality and the ability to feel and take in a positive sense of feeling one’s self with new, enlightened psychic abilities cross the threshold of consciousness. Magnetite assist with the meditation, the complete visionary reasoning and an ultimate purpose which you gain for activating such a spiritual aspect of the human brain. Calcite helps in the growing ability of powers within oneself and the total enhancer of everything good which comes from knowing how to open Third Eye. The force behind these three crystals produce the effect which is known as a “cosmic antenna” and it makes certain that the delivery of signals between the three dimensions of your consciousness are made.

One of the easiest ways to access the Third Eye is through elevating the frequency within the body and it is typically achieved through various forms of meditation, chanting, drum sounds, visualization, dancing and Tai Chi positions. Any of those different methods, when done right, can help create Third Eye activation and bring you into a world which is far beyond the physical. Light is another great way to stimulate the Third Eye, incorporating meditation that utilizes a beam of light which can do wonders regarding astral projection and exploring the outer-consciousness.


Making the World More Positive

It is amazing how a easy a person can catapult themselves into a truly magical world of the mind when you integrate the usage of proper Third Eye activation. Lives have changed and attitudes have grown considerably more positive because of it. If everyone of us were to routinely activate our Third Eye and explore the worlds within our minds, the world would no doubt be a much better place, you can bet on that.

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